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1st Rule of Baking: Read the recipe first.

Before You Join

Trading Post uses a web application called Farmigo to manage our Bread Club subscriptions. When you click ‘Sign Up’ below, you will be routed to a sign-up page and prompted to create an account, make your bread selections and set up your subscription payment. We recommend reading the brief instructions listed below prior to signing up.

Note the following information and tips for a smooth sign-up experience:

  1. First prompt: ‘Pick-up Site’

    There is only one choice to make at this prompt: ‘Trading Post / Dahlia & Sage Market’. You will make your actual pick up choices on the next page when you make your bread selections. In the summary box you will see ‘Tuesday’ noted throughout the sign-up process, however your pick-up day is always determined by your bread selection. Trust us! You will have a choice of breads on Tuesday and Friday.

  2. Bread Offerings will be listed for each pick up day as follows:

    $4 Baguette (available Tuesday and Friday)

    $6.5 Country Loaf (available Tuesday and Friday)

    $10 Sliced Wheat Pullman (available Tuesday and Friday)

    $11 Sliced Rye Pullman (available Tuesday and Friday)

    $16 Fruit & Nut Bread (available Friday only)

    $10.5/wk Tuesday 2x2 Rotation of Sliced Wheat & Rye (available Tuesday only)

    $11/wk Friday 4x4 Rotation of Country, Wheat, Rye, F&N (available Friday only)

  3. Pick up hours are as follows:

    TUESDAY EARLY at Trading Post from 10am-2pm

    TUESDAY LATE at Dahlia & Sage Community Market from 3pm-8pm

    FRIDAY ALL DAY at Trading Post from 10am-9pm

    (If you choose Tuesday, you can pick up either early or late each week. We transport all remaining orders from Trading Post to Dahlia & Sage Market between 2-3pm.)

Click HERE for more information and Trading Post Bread Club FAQs