Trading Post Bread Club

photo credit © 2017 BrakeThrough Media

photo credit © 2017 BrakeThrough Media


How Does It Work?

We bake bread for our Bread Club subscribers on Tuesdays and Fridays. As a member of the club you have the option to pick up bread once or twice per week and a choice of two payment plans: a Monthly or Baker’s Dozen schedule. Monthly means you are charged every 4 weeks based on your weekly selections and Baker’s Dozen means you are on a 13-week cycle, paying for 12 weeks at a time with the 13th week free!

Click ‘Join the Club’ for sign-up instructions and a link to our policy information and FAQs.

Bread Club Menu

Baguette: $4 Classic French baguette made with organic white flour.  Vegan.

Country Loaf: $6.5 Organic rustic sourdough. Made with 30% organic whole wheat flour. Vegan.

Sliced Wheat Pullman: $10 Our version of a sliced wheat bread, ideal for sandwiches or toast.  Made with 50% organic whole wheat flour and sweetened with a touch of molasses.  Vegan.

Sliced Rye Pullman: $11 Classic NY style rye bread, made with organic stone ground rye flour.  Seasoned with caraway, fennel and mustard seeds.  The best friend a Ruben ever had. Vegan.

Fruit & Nut Bread: $16 A hearty wheat dough speckled liberally with an assortment of dried fruit and nuts.  A perfect accompaniment to a cheese plate or toasted for breakfast.  Vegan.

Be the ‘yeast’ that helps us launch the Bread Club!

SUBSCRIBE BY MAY 1 to join the ‘STARTER CLUB’ and choose between two bonus offers:

SPECIAL OFFER! Baker’s Dozen Starter Club

Baker’s Dozen Starter Club subscribers who join by May 1 will receive their first order in their very own Trading Post organic market bag in addition to their recurring 13th week free.

SPECIAL OFFER! Monthly Starter Club

Monthly Starter Club subscribers who join by May 1 will receive 5% off of their subscription value for as long as they remain a member.


What is a Bread Club?

The Trading Post Bread Club is modeled after a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which was originally conceived in the idea that neighbors buy a “share” of the farm at the beginning of the season, helping to cover the expenses needed to get the season going. In exchange, the “share-owners” received fresh, seasonal produce from the farm on a regular basis. It is based on mutual respect between the customers and the farmers.

Our subscription model assumes this structure because a community supported program enables us to source the best ingredients, hire skilled and creative bakers and, ultimately, provide a consistent offering of the highest quality bread to our community.

Our version of the CSA subscription gives you ultimate freedom in the varieties and quantity of bread you invest in.